Get to know from a selection of our students on why they decided to study with us and their own individual journey to becoming a successful creative designer.

Turning my passion into a career

Turning my passion into a career

I had become a bit of a sceptical person after my time at universityFunnily enough, I came across the Creative Design School whilst I was already in a job doing graphic design. My background prior to that job was more inclined towards the Fine Art side of the creative...

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Discovering my passion in my 40’s

I never imagined that I would be in my 40's before discovering my passion.It would take an even bigger stretch of the imagination to think that I would actually take the necessary steps to pursue this passion.  But this is the position I find myself in now; and with...

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Life is good, but something is missing

Life is good, but something is missing. Hi! I’m Nicola Robson, Creative Design Manager at TryHackMe. I hold a First Class BA with Honors in Graphic Design and an Advertising Design LVL4 Diploma, woo-hoo! My love for drawing has always been a part of me, but it’s...

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Alice wants to get back to being creative

Alice wants to get back to being creativeMy name is Alice and I’ve just completed my level 2 Graphic Design Diploma with the CDS. I have an academic background in contemporary art but for the last 10 years have been working variously in production, freelance editing...

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Design…it’s more than you think

Design…it’s more than you thinkNot many would decide a change in career at 40 was a good idea, but that’s what I decided. I had always been interested in design and so Creative Design School became my first port of call.JON SAMUELS FORMER GRAPHIC DESIGN STUDENTI’m not...

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Shannon wants to add to her street cred

Shanon wants to add to her street credI grew up in San Diego and had always dreamed about going to the University of Colorado at Boulder. Beyond that, I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do career-wise. Having graduated with a double major in English and political...

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I aspire to be a Graphic Designer

I aspire to be a Graphic DesignerHello, my name is Savannah I live in London and I’m 23 years old. While doing this course I have been working as a receptionist at a private vet practice. I aspire to be a fully-fledged Graphic Designer, both working for a company and...

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Graphic Design confidence & knowledge

Graphic Design confidence & knowledgeHello, I’m Sahana and I currently live in a beautiful city Salem also called “Mango City” – surrounded by hills on all sides in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.SAHANA LAKSHMI – INDIA GRAPHIC DESIGN FOR BEGINNERS LEVEL 1I was...

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Francine Reignites her Creativity

Francine Reignites her CreativityHi, I’m Francine, I currently live on the edge of the rural Cotswolds, close to the market town of Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon. I have been with the CDS for just over 2 years now, studying Graphic Design and Visual...

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Chloe develops her Creative Training

Chloe develops her Creative Training“I always knew I wanted to do something creative though and have been lucky enough to work with businesses that have offered to help and develop my creative training.”CHLOE FULLER – UK ADVANCED GRAPHIC DESIGN – LEVEL 3I always knew...

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Nastassia has a real passion for Design

Nastassia has a real passion for Design My name is Nastassia Jade. I was born and raised and Pretoria, South Africa and I am currently 24 years old. I have always had a passion for art and design. I fully embrace the word creative in any form. NASTASSIA BASSON– SOUTH...

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Paulina loves everything Graphic Design

Paulina loves everything Graphic Design“I cannot wait to finish the course and receive my diploma and start my new career life!”PAULINA LICZNERSKA – UK ADVANCED GRAPHIC DESIGN – LEVEL 3My name is Paulina Licznerska and I am studying advanced graphic design diploma....

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Lafayete discovers his Creative Process

Lafayete discovers his Creative Process Having lived the first years of my life in an Industrial area, at the heart of 3 major Automotive Assembly Plants and their respective Design/Engineering Centres, it’s no wonder I have developed a passion for cars, and Formula 1...

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Stephanie has always been creative

Stephanie has always been creativeI’ve always been creative and could envision design concepts in my head, but I had no idea how to actually create them.STEPHANIE FINLAY – UK GRAPHIC DESIGN – LEVEL 2 My name is Stephanie Finlay and I have recently completed my graphic...

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Design Discovery Journey for Demi

Design Discovery Journey for DemiHi, I’m Demi! I have worked in Marketing for over 5 years now and I am currently a Digital Marketing Executive at Commify. I originally got into design work in my first career role, as the agency I was working for sponsored a local...

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Sharon adopts a professional approach

Sharon adopts a professional approachAt the time of signing up with the CDS, I was a self-taught designer, looking to add some credibility and professional qualifications to my skill set. I was already freelancing and had built up a number of regular clients, but I...

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Ben finds real determination and skills

BEN MILLS - UK FORMER STUDENT Personally, I found trying to get into the design industry a very frustrating task. I was studying as part of a career change and after falling in love with design, I wanted to be doing it for a living ASAP! After finishing my course, I...

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Hristo become a Design Genius

HRISTO BENEV - BULGARIA ADVANCED GRAPHIC DESIGN - LEVEL 3 “Hi, my name is Hristo and I'm from Bulgaria. I've always been interested in all things creative and for the last 9 years I have worked as a freelancer on a few projects but since I started working in the...

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Idara welcomes flexible studying

IDARA ETTA - NIGERIA GRAPHIC DESIGN - LEVEL 2 My name is IDARA Etta, from Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria and I currently live in Abuja, Nigeria. I am married with two daughters. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, Yes, I love Math very much. Most of my work experience...

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Cat becomes a more effective creative

CATHRYN SHARPE - UK GRAPHIC DESIGN - LEVEL 2 “I decided to enrol with CDS on the Graphic Design Diploma in order become a more effective creative.”. Hi, I am Cathryn Sharpe and I am a paper-crafter. I also do graphic design work. Virtually everything I’ve learnt up to...

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Dedicated to design and nothing else

Dedicated to design and nothing else.I was born on January, 16th 1977 in the USSR, former Soviet Republic of Georgia, where I attended Art School from 1984 to 1994 and then followed by studies at the University of Architecture and Design from 1994 to 1999. of which at...

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