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Welcome to the Creative Design School, where many individuals from around the world have already fulfilled their career ambitions in Graphic Design, Specialist Design Skills, and much more.


All of our online Graphic Design Courses, Specialist Design Courses, Professional Courses, and Textile Design Courses, focus 100% on the individual and not student numbers like many other educational establishments.

Our one-to-one approach with our students allows us to focus on the strong and the weak points of each individual allowing us to build your skills, knowledge, and creativity more effectively.

Each course we deliver focuses on what the creative industries require now and in the future. With an ever-changing approach to design, visual communication, and demanding creativity on a daily basis it is important that our students keep their skills and knowledge up to date and ahead of everyone else.

No matter if you are a beginner just starting out or a professional looking to refresh your skills or want to take your career to another level, we have the right courses, training, and support for you here at our Design School.

If you are looking to gain real skills, qualifications, and guidance with your career, then we have everything you need right here at our school.

It is very important that we understand exactly what it is you want to achieve with your own career. Many students come to us as a result of wanting a career change. Some are looking to go freelance and some returning to work after having a family. We have students who are already in a design or media career but want to expand their knowledge. And a few are business owners who simply want to learn how to market themselves professionally.


All of our courses are designed for progression and skill development. We have 4 different types of students who have different aims and objectives which are:

1. Individuals who have decided they want to become a designer but have had little or no experience in graphic design or textile design

2. Those who have some confidence in graphic design, and textile design, but would like to complete their knowledge and skills into a recognised qualification, progress onto further studies or become a working professional within the creative industries.

3. Those who are already working as professional designers within the creative industries and would like to continue to keep themselves up to date with new skills, techniques, technologies, and software developments.

4. Students who want to learn creative thinking or creative writing, and to market their business more effectively.


Which one are you?

Some of our students don’t have a lot of spare time to study due to work commitments, family commitments, and many other reasons. That is why we have a flexible study option and a fixed study option.

Our Flexible Study Option allows students with not a lot of spare time available to spread their course over a longer period of up to 2 years. All of our main courses are designed to be completed within 12 months and some have managed to do this a lot sooner, but with this flexible option, you have the ease of knowing that you can take longer.



  • Learn at your own pace
  • You will be given your very own one-to-one Design & Training Coach
  • Your own online Student Studio on our unique online campus
  • Help with your course just at the click of the mouse
  • Access your course via the Internet from anywhere at any time
  • Become part of our creative community
  • Employment and Career Development Guidance provided
  • Courses can be Flexible or Fixed to a specific completion date


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