Enrolling onto one of our courses is very simple, just follow the steps below

1. Complete our Course Application Form which you can download by clicking on the ‘Download Application Form‘ button below

2. Print off the application form and complete in handwriting, making sure you complete all of the sections.

3. Scan in or take a photo of the completed application form and email it back to us at admin@creativedesignschool.com and we will inform you if your application has been accepted. Do not make any payments until your application has been accepted. You will receive an email from us telling you if you have been accepted or not.

4. Once your application has been accepted you should then proceed to making your course payment by going to the course page on our website which you have decided to enrol onto.

5. Once we have received all of the above, we will then set up your student account on our eCampus, which can take up to 5 working days. You will then receive your username and password which will allow you to start your course.

6. You will also be contacted by your own one-to-one tutor who will arrange a Skype with you to discuss your course in detail with you.



* Always read through our Terms and Conditions on our Course Application Form before enrolling and making your course payment

* Please note that if you are making monthly payments, you must complete the full term of payments even if you decide not to continue with your course

* Please don’t ask us for additional invoices as you will have this once you have made your course payment through Paypal. This is to avoid fraud or money laundering etc.

Download our Course Application Form

Once you have downloaded our course application form you should complete and email to us at admin@creativedesignschool.com so that we can check and approve. Please follow the steps above.

You can decide to pay your course fees in full or by monthly instalments. To pay your course fee in full you should go to the course page you are enrolling onto and make your full payment there. If you wish to apply for monthly payments, please read below.


If you wish to pay your course fees by instalmets, we can offer either 2 monthly, 3 monthly payments or 6 monthly payments subject to your on status and conditions. additional administration fees will be also added. To apply for payment by instalments you should complete the course application form in full and select which payment option you are applying for. Once we have accepted your Course Application and Payment Option, we will then send you a PayPal invoice for each month your course monthly fee is due and which must be paid on the same date each month. Please note that there will be additional monthly fees added to your monthly payments. Monthly payment options are not available for Short Courses or the Creative Writing Diploma Course level 5.