Helping you to re-discover your future

There are so many options available out there to study, train and develop for the creative industries. Maybe there are too many options, and that is why we are a unique and different design school.

As one of the first Online Design Schools in Europe, we have far more experience and knowledge in this area than all the other online design schools which followed and copied us.

At the Creative Design School, we help individuals to break into the Creative Industries. Not only do we provide the essential skills and knowledge, but we also identify the personal needs and aspirations of each student.

Whether they are new to design and want a new career direction or, have an established career and feel the need to extend their current skill set, we can help you progress up the career ladder. Our courses are kept up to date with the latest techniques and developments so you can be confident in this fast-moving industry.

Unlike many other academic institutions that concentrate on student numbers and to fill as many subjects as possible with participants, we prefer the individual personal approach.

Concentrating on the individual’s needs is vital to us as it helps us to build on the weak areas of our students and participants, plus increase and add to the skills they already have.

That is another reason why our courses are also flexible. It takes the pressure out of learning which helps to expand the creative mind and creative thinking process.

You can also enrol at any time of the year – it’s that flexible!


The Creative Design School is an independent, private and professional design school which was originally started in the UK in 2006 and then expanded to Italy as a result of a demand throughout Europe.

As one of the very first online Graphic Design Schools in Europe, we have students from all over the World, but we still keep our mission of being individually focused on the needs of each student. Our courses are delivered through our online ecampus which has students from all over Europe and Internationally.

All of our courses are designed to bring out the very best in our participants and students.

All of our courses are designed to bring out the very best in our participants and students. The School also works closely with the Creative Industries to identify their needs and requirements in this ever-changing environment, so you can guarantee that we are always ahead of the game!

No other organisation focuses as hard as we do.