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It was a like a light bulb moment when I worked for a company for a short period and was sat next to a Graphic Designer and driving home one day thought why oh why am I not doing that? I thought I could still incorporate and use the skills I have in web design and Front End Development.

Hi, my name is Rob Redford I am currently studying the Graphic Design Beginners Course.

I have always had a love for Art and Design, Back at school I excelled in Art but never took it any further purely because I also had other aspirations at the time which took priority and when this didn’t work out I went on to study Computer Science at University. Being a bit of a technology geek, this set me on course for a career in IT.

Working in is something I have always enjoyed, especially in the area of Web Design/Front End Development.

I ended up working in more Software development-based work rather than Web Design/Front End Development, I struggled with this and didn’t enjoy it. However, I always found myself getting excited about creating the graphics for the interfaces and not the coding.

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My Career Journey

I started to look into the possibility of a career change but knew I could not afford to go back to university both because of time and cost.

Fortunately, I began to discover that it was possible to study Graphic Design through distance learning online.

Reading about other students’ experiences with online learning in design gave me confidence that it was possible with a dedication to study and change my career and become a Graphic Designer.

When researching online I found Creative Design School. Their model I felt fitted me well and I could see that the Graphic Design Courses were well structured and as a student, you were able to start from the basics and/or jump to an intermediate or advanced level course. The information on the course was very detailed. I was able to speak to my course tutor via Skype about any questions I had on the course and what my plan was and he was always on hand to answer queries. CDS do go out of their way to tailor the course to your needs and get the best out of you.

Working with my course tutor has been great, I am looking forward to moving onto the intermediate and advanced courses.

What I like about the Creative Design School and this method of learning is that I can pick it up whenever and wherever I want and fit it into my family/work life. But also I have direct real contact with a tutor via face to face Skype tutorial sessions.

Knowing there is a real dedicated team behind you, who are there to help you rather than a site with a bunch of tutorials for you to download and that’s it is brilliant and is what attracted me to the course.

I cannot wait to get started on a Graphic Design career path which is something for the first time in my life I really want to do.


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