Nastassia has a real passion for Design



My name is Nastassia Jade. I was born and raised and Pretoria, South Africa and I am currently 24 years old. I have always had a passion for art and design. I fully embrace the word creative in any form.
After a few years working in retail and making textile pieces on the side, I realised I wanted to focus more time on creative work and less on retail. Although my passion had always been in textiles and sewing, the element that I was actually enjoying the most of my little side-business was designing the retro repeat patterns for my fabrics. As I enjoyed this a lot more than the sewing, I decided to look further into digital arts which lead me to Graphic Design. 
Before starting this course, I studied journalism and did freelance photography but felt like I needed a push in the arts department to go along with the two.

I decided to take on this course because I knew I needed to do something creative with my life which would also grant me a platform to bring awareness and insight to eco-friendly printing techniques such as vegan inks, recycled papers and hemp materials.

Prior to this course, I had never actually done much design but have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it. I self-taught myself to use adobe design programmes over a couple of years.

At first I was wary of taking on this advanced course without prior experience but it has proved to be the best decision I have made for myself.

Over the past year I have produced some of my best work. I owe thanks to The Creative Design School for pushing my bounderies and expanding my design knowledge greatly.

I hope that with this new found knowledge I can spread the awareness I want to, achieve my goals and assist others in creating a new foundation of design that works in favour of a new world.

A final thanks to Pete Sturgess and the school for giving me this opportunity to make use of my talents and inspiring me to continue succeeding in graphic design.


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