Hristo become a Design Genius



“Hi, my name is Hristo and I’m from Bulgaria. I’ve always been interested in all things creative and for the last 9 years I have worked as a freelancer on a few projects but since I started working in the Insurance business, design has always been a spare time activity for me.

I thought I didn’t have anything left to learn, but boy was I wrong”.

As time passed I began to realise, that I don’t want to spend the rest of my life on a boring job I have absolutely no interest in and even my colleagues started telling me that I shouldn’t waste my talent any longer.

Throughout the years I’ve tried illustration, web design, packaging design, paper craft, photography, even sculpting but when I started looking for a job as a full-time graphic designer no one really wanted to take a chance on me, because my portfolio was not that big and my experience was limited mainly to projects for friends and coworkers with some small exceptions.

Then I decided to start a diploma course in Advanced graphic design in the CDS because I wanted to have something I could use to prove that I’m actually good at what I do. Little did I know how enormously useful the course would be.

Quite honestly before I started it I thought it would be just a bunch of fun projects that wouldn’t be much more than an exercise for me, I thought I didn’t have anything left to learn, but boy was I wrong. My tutor, is the coolest teacher you could ask for, he wants the best from you and then some more, he doesn’t want to make a good designer of you, he wants you to be extraordinary.

In the Advanced Graphic Design Diploma Course Level 3 you’re focusing on the creative thinking, on how to create things based on deep research and understanding of your subject and never make things just because they look cool – the idea is the most important aspect of a design project and it needs to be embedded in every stage of your work, that’s what keeps you focused and saves you the time and struggles.

I have gained massive experience in concept development, visual communication and presenting a fully developed advertisement for a product.

I can’t wait to see what’s next on the program because the confidence and the sense of fulfilment I get after every finished project really motivate me to keep doing what I love.


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