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“I decided to enrol with CDS on the Graphic Design Diploma in order become a more effective creative.”.
Hi, I am Cathryn Sharpe and I am a paper-crafter. I also do graphic design work. Virtually everything I’ve learnt up to now has been self-taught. I decided to enrol with CDS on the Graphic Design Diploma in order become a more effective creative.

I have always loved paper; from a very young age, I loved touching and folding it, using it for writing and colouring and even loved the sound of it!

When I left school, I studied and went into the electrical engineering industry. It wasn’t until several years later, when I made first my own wedding stationery, then that of close friends, that I realised paper-crafting was not only something I enjoyed but was also something that could provide a happy income. 

I ‘fell into’ the graphic design side of things after a friend asked me to make some stationery for a self-help group she ran. She wanted posters, business cards and leaflets. My first efforts weren’t brilliant but they conveyed the message my friend wanted. 

In order to improve my design skills, I studied graphic design and paper-crafting books endlessly. I spent many productive hours with both pencils and paper, and sat at my computer, in order to experiment and learn.

Enrolling and learning with CDS is an investment in my future. The course content is excellent and perfect for my level of understanding and skill. The standard of tutoring is unparalleled in my experience and I know help is always only ever an email away.  

If you’re reading this and thinking of enrolling, just do it! It will be one of the best decisions of your creative and professional life. 

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