Short Course

We have all been there, wanting to come up with ideas, but nothing but blank or confused and mixed up thoughts – no longer!

Our Creative Thinking Short Course has been designed and developed for those of you who are wanting to be able to develop a useful and valuable approach to coming up with creative and unique ideas.

You will be shown how to unlock your creativity in 7 effective steps which will allow you to develop your own unique creative design process. This short course also presents you with real life projects which you will work on with your very own one to one Design & Training Coach through our online eCampus and live one to one Skype Tutorials.



This course has been designed to complete in 6-7 weeks with some flexibility depending on the time available to each individual student. The maximum time for completing this course is 3 months. This course is delivered online through our eCampus and live tutorial are delivered one to one with your own Design & Training Coach on Skype. Further details are available by downloading our course prospectus.

What you will Learn

MODULE ONE: Introduction

In this first module, we will be looking at the starting points of creative thinking and what you will need. You will start off by discussing this module and the complete course with your Design & Training Coach so that you can structure your own learning process.

MODULE TWO: Stages of Thinking

Step 1. Getting yourself into the correct state of mind is very important for your creative thoughts, and in this module, we will start to develop your own steps of thinking and look into the design process. This module comes with a Project which you will work on with your Design & Training Coach.


Step 2. Ok, so how do you begin and what should you do first? This module will now show you how to start your process of creative thinking again by working through another live project with your Design & Training Coach during your Skype tutorials.

MODULE FOUR: Inspiration

Step 3. Now it is time to find inspiration, time to start your creativity. Here we are going to develop your key area and take you away from that blank thinking you found yourself trapped in before now. Plus you will be given an option of 3 live projects to work on with your Design & Training Coach during your Skype Tutorial.

MODULE FIVE: Elaboration

Step 4. Now that your ideas are flowing and we will now look at refining and working up these ideas with your Design & Training Coach

MODULE SIX: Prototyping

Step 5. Now the really fun and rewarding part of the course, making your ideas come to life by presenting your ideas visually and in real-time, and you will show exactly how with your Design & Training Coach during your Skype tutorial.

MODULE SEVEN: Finishing Ideas

Step 6. The final stage of your Creative Thinking and Inspiration process – finishing your design and bringing it to a close. We will look at what you have done and how you are going to complete it so that it is ready for presentation and complete production.


START DATE: Start Anytime

DURATION: 6 weeks (flexible)


Once your course application has been accepted, we will contact you to let you know and then give you instructions on how to make your full course payment which you will need to pay before enrolment can be completed.

ROB MITCHELL - Birmingham, UK

This is a great short course and it has tought me a lot about creative thinking. I always found myself struggling to come up with ideas for design projects, but now I have a great procees to help with useful inspiration. If you struggle with coming up with idaes I would recommend this short course.

SUSAN WHITELAW - Edinburgh, Scotland

It does exactly what it say and helps you to understand how many designers come up with unique ideas. I use to design without thinking and came up with ideas that all look the same. Nothing stood out and I wasn’t sure if they actually worked. Now I have the right way to design and this creative thinking short course helped me to achieve this.