Short Course

Break Free, and be your own Boss
It’s a dream come true for may designers out there, but you have to be prepared before you take the leap!

Our Become a Successful Freelancer Short Course – Specialist Level 4 has been designed and developed for those of you who are wanting to become freelance and successful at it. You will be shown in 7 effective steps on what you need to know, have and achieve. Plus, you will find out how to grow your business and keep on top of everything from planning to action.

This short course also presents you with real life projects which you will work on with your very own one to one Course Tutor through our online eCampus and live one to one Skype Tutorials. This course is suitable for those studying any subject area including Textile, Fashion & Graphic Design, plus Marketing etc.



There are 7 modules in this course to be completed, which can be complete over 7 weeks or 6 months which is flexible depending on your own situation. This course is delivered online through our eCampus and live tutorial are delivered one to one with your own Design & Training Coach on Skype.


  • MODULE ONE: Introduction to Freelancing
    Here we are going to look at exactly what you are hating to do and what freelancing is all about. We will look at what you are wanting to do for your freelance business and get you ready for the steps ahead in this short course. We will also look at your strong and weak points before you move forward.
  • MODULE TWO: Understanding your Market – Research
    Researching your marketplace is more involved than you may realise. We will show you how to understand your marketplace and you may even discover new ones. Working with your tutor, you will start and complete your research in an effective way so that you know exactly the right direction you are going in.
  • MODULE THREE: Planning & Strategy
    What are you wanting to achieve and how are you going to get everything moving in the right direction? Here you will start and complete your Marketing Plan and Strategy so that you are focused fully on where you are going and how you are going to get there.
  • MODULE FOUR: Self Promotion
    Building your brand and identity. This module is all about how you are going to be recognised and found. Plus we will cover some areas of PR and Networking which will help to build your visibility out there in the business world.
  • MODULE FIVE: Social Media
    Understanding Social Media and how to use it effectively. A very important attribute now for any business both small and large. We will get you focused on how to work with Social Media and to keep it running.
  • MODULE SIX: Pitching & Presentation
    Winning the right clients and keeping a hold of them. Now its time to get you tooled- up with your Pitch and Presentation approach. This will involve developing a style plus templates in advance of any presentation you will need to do in the near future.
  • MODULE SEVEN: Legal Knowledge & Organisational Skills
    We all need it at some point, and understanding the legal requirements is just as important as everything else. Being organised is another area that a lot of freelancers fall down with. We will look at ways of getting you organised so this doesn’t happen to you.

 The only entry requirements needed for our Short Courses is that you have access to the software related to each individual course. These will be the Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Word or Apple Pages.