Introduction to Graphic Design Short Course

Introduction to Graphic Design:
Short Course

This Introduction to Graphic Design Short Course has been designed to get you started in Graphic Design so that you can progress onto further studies in this subject or to develop additional skills along side what you already have. It will also help to identify your weak and strong areas so that we can help you to develop and understand them more. You can complete this course in 7 to 14 weeks, but you can take as long as you wish, depending on the time you have available.

So what are you waiting for!


There are 7 modules in this course to be completed online through our eCampus. This course has been designed for those who wish to start in Graphic Design, but have not had any formal training or experience in this subject. Each module comes with Projects and Assignments which you will carry out with the help of your Design & Training Coach

MODULE ONE: What is Graphic Design
Something you may think you already know about, but you will be surprised how much you don’t know. Here we will show you what Graphic Design is all about and what you will need to learn to become a confident professional designer.

MODULE TWO: Planning a Design
There is no point designing something unless you have planned it first, This module will show the steps you need to take to achieve the best results

MODULE THREE: What is needed to start a Projects
Obviously you will need a variety of tools and skills to deliver an effective design project. Again you will be shown by your appointed Design & Training Coach all the attributes required to take you through the design process

MODULE FOUR: How to find Inspiration
Getting ideas when you are looking at a blank screen or sheet of paper is not easy at times. Here we will show you ways to find inspiration and acquire basic creative thinking techniques.

MODULE FIVE: Presentation Skills
Presenting your designs in a professional way is very important in the design industry and here you will be shown ways to develop your own style of presentation.

MODULE SIX: Software, Hardware & Production
You will need to know about the technical side of Graphic Design and that includes the Computers, Software and Production procedures. Module 6 covers all of these areas to make sure you have a sound understanding of the technical specifications involved.

MODULE Seven: Working with Clients & Understanding Brief
Understanding exactly what your client wants is a must when you want to deliver the best solutions for them. We will go through the process of developing a valuable brief for your client and yourself so that you can obtain all of the correct information for your Projects.


Short Course Fees are £250 each short course.

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