A well balanced and talented designer who we believe will see a lot of in the future

Hi there! I am Julia, and originally I come from Estonia, a small country in the northern part of Europe. Usually, when my international acquaintances ask me where I come from, I explain the geographic location of my country as follows. If you know where Russia and Finland are, you will find Estonia between them.



Julia Stivelman standing in front of wall

However, starting from 2010 I have been living in Germany where I moved to “study something more creative”.

After graduating from secondary school in Estonia, I got my Bachelor’s degree in Languages and Business Administration and started to acquire a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, but… this turned out to be something I didn’t really want to do, so I decided to change things a bit.

It is important to mention that when I was a teenager, I attended the School of Applied Arts and was quite successful in my studies, so I got my first professional education in arts for young people, which allows me to say that my move to creativity did not come out of the blue and was, in fact, a return.

When I came to Germany, I attended Stuttgart Media University and took different classes such as Screen Design, Graphic Arts, Digital Painting etc.

I have also always been keen on photography but never learned it so I was happy to have an opportunity to take some Photography courses as well.

By the way, recently I have started to learn photography for micro-stocks.

Attending these courses helped me understand that I am on the right way and I really enjoy what I am doing.

Simultaneously with taking courses at the University, I started to make my first steps in freelance design: first clients among acquaintances and relatives asked for designs.

After some time I understood that there was a problem in the implementation of my ideas, or, simply to say, a lack of some specific knowledge.

That is how I became confident that I really needed to take some designer courses where I could also learn some basic things. However, I didn’t want to quit working so I started to look for some courses that I could take in my own tempo not being dependent on anybody. And then I found Creative Design School.

Now being at the beginning of my Advanced Graphic Design Course, I am already trying to implement the knowledge that I’m getting from the modules in my real-time communication and work with clients

Julia holding certificate
Julia sitting at steps