Paulina loves everything Graphic Design



“I cannot wait to finish the course and receive my diploma and start my new career life!”
My name is Paulina Licznerska and I am studying advanced graphic design diploma. From a young age I have always liked drawing and flip through different magazines and look at adverts and layout of articles. I always knew I wanted to do something creative in my life.

I didn’t complete a Graphic design degree as I wasn’t sure yet on what career option to choose. Instead, I have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Event Management and MSc in Marketing Communications and have been lucky enough to work with businesses that have offered to help and develop my career but I still wasn’t sure it was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. After a while I started to think of changing my career and started to research some graphic design courses. I have decided to study with CDS as the courses they offer are very comprehensive flexible and at affordable price.

Tutors offer great support and advice whenever need it. In addition, the great thing about CDS has been the emphasis on developing my unique style. After completing the Advanced Graphic design I would like to pursue an Advertisement Design course offered by CDS to become an advertising designer and finally do what I want to do. I cannot wait to finish the course and receive my diploma and start my new career life!


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