No Pressure Helps to Develop Creativity – Flexible Creativity One of the many advantages of studying with the Creative Design School is our ‘no pressure’ policy. This has now become more evident with the positive feedback from our students.

A lot of our students have other commitments but want to improve their career prospects.

Some are in full-time employment and even running their own businesses and others are single parents, and have families to look after, so being able to study at their own pace and in their own time is proving a huge benefit for them. But, we also recognise the students who would like to fast-track their course and would like the pressure of set timescales.

That is why we tailor our courses for everyone and to their personal circumstances.

We have even found that there are a lot of our students who would like their course tailored towards their business, sector or specific career goals, and we have been able to produce custom courses for those students.

No matter what the individual needs of the students are, we have been able to work with them very closely in developing a unique and focused form of study to meet their needs and goals. let us look at a few examples, a student with their own business who would like to find different creative ways of promoting, marketing and designing publicity for their business activities.

We have many students in this position who have enrolled with us and have come on board the Creative Thinking Short Course along with one of our main specialist courses. This has provided them with a fresh approach to how best to expand their businesses and to develop new skills in planning their advertising and marketing campaigns, not to forget obtaining an extra qualification and a slick portfolio.

Then you have those with Children who are run off their feet going back and forward to schools, looking after their children on a daily basis. Many have either studied graphic design in the past and want to get back onto the creative design street, or are wanting to develop a new career. It is very difficult for them trying to get time to study. But again they have told us many times that being able to study in a relaxed and unpressurised environment has helped them to start building confidence and suited study time just for them.

Finally, you have the full-time employee who wants to build their career skills, become freelance, or even change their career completely.

Some already work in Design, Marketing, and Advertising Agencies, but want to venture further up the career ladder. Being able to have this flexible study option has now helped many of our students obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve their career goals. In this issue of our ‘Think Creative’ newsletter, we have featured a couple of our students who are benefiting from our flexible study courses.


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