Advertising design is a fundamental tactic that can inform or persuade an audience and can bring in new potential customers through the creation of artwork. Branding is a part of advertising design that will accurately describe and reinforce your brand and what it stands for. 

The first ever advertising design in the UK began in 1955, which featured a toothpaste commercial first seen in London on ITV. Although advertising design was well-established in the early 19th century, it had little value. Until this commercial became widely known in the UK the popularity of advertising design grew. 

Print advertisements in the 1910s still resembled the visually crowded and copy-heavy ads of the 19th century. However, we see the seeds of the modern print ad being planted here, though these ads relied on long body copy, that decade did manage to produce some iconic images such as the ‘I Want You’ ad for the US Army.

I Want You
Advertising today is a universal presence across a large number of platforms, using the interconnectedness of the digital age. It can be seen through social media, search engines, websites, streaming services, and mobile apps, reaching consumers in their most frequented online spaces. Traditional media, including television, radio, and print, still plays a significant role, but the focus has increasingly shifted towards digital and influencer marketing, where personalised and targeted advertisements cans engage audiences more effectively. Furthermore, outdoor advertising, such as billboards and public transport ads, continues to capture the attention of consumers. 
Advertising design provides many benefits for businesses, organisations and services. These benefits include:


  • The promotion of your business, organisation or service through strategic and visually compelling advertising design, can significantly enhance brand awareness and customer engagement.
  • Visually communicating a message to your audience, businesses or organisations can significantly enhance brand awareness and customer engagement, ultimately driving increased sales and fostering long-term customer loyalty.
  • Reinforcing brand identity through advertising design plays a crucial role in brand identity by ensuring all visual and textual elements consistently reflect the brand’s core values, personality, and unique characteristics.

Creating something effective is a crucial element of being a successful advertising designer. Being able to draw in the audience correctly and taking them on a journey is essential along with leaving a lasting impression that can be remembered. This can be a massive struggle for those who don’t know how to plan, develop and deliver an effective advertising campaign. Our Online Advertising Design course will greatly advance your creativity as a professional advertising designer. You will learn all of the most important steps and skills needed to create unique adverts that work.

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