I have always been reeled in by creative activities

Hello, my name is Neve I am 22 years old and currently living in west Yorkshire. Whilst completing my course with CDS I have been working in technical support customer service. My aim for completing the course is to become a fully self employed graphic designer. This will give me the opportunity to work on my own time frames and explore different avenues with potential clients.



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For as long as I can remember I have always been reeled in by creative activities such as drawing, painting, playing the guitar and piano. My Mum who is a fine artist encouraged me to immerse in my talents and find a career that would work in favour of these skills.

I have explored a few different sectors within the creative field such as fine art, photography and even theatre makeup. After finally discovering my preference was to create digitally I began to look into careers that would put this into action. As soon as I came across graphic design I knew this was meant for me.

Not only do I enjoy being creative but I also love organisation, and can be quite the perfectionist in other aspects of life. I discovered these can be very useful traits for a graphic designer.

Some of my favourite projects within the course have been magazine and catalogue design. I find the concept of being able to hold the attention of the viewer really fascinating.

Something as simple as a shoe catalogue can still be made appealing to the eye. Although physical catalogues are becoming less common in modern day society they still provide an effect an online catalogue/ magazine does not.

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Finding the right place to study graphic design was the tricky part however the student page on CDS is actually what sold me into studying here. And now I am completing my own article on the same page!

Considering doing an online course can be difficult due to all communications being remote, it is hard to grasp whether the course will benefit you in the way you were hoping.

My best suggestion to anyone looking to study a creative course online is to fully outline the benefits before joining and ask questions if anything is unclear, especially about the qualifications you may receive as a result of completion.

I have been more than satisfied studying here, and I can’t believe the personal growth I have achieved creatively and individually through my lessons with Pete. Guidance has been really important to me, having creative skills is one thing but direction for this is paramount. Set yourself some goals!

After now completing my first course I am currently studying level 4 visual communication while planning to launch my own portfolio for future clients. I still have a lot to learn but couldn’t be more optimistic about my future as a graphic designer and further studies with CDS.

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