Don’t ever listen to anyone when they say that you are too old to learn or start a new career. We have had many individuals in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s studying design courses with us and have successfully launched a new career. So, why is that the case?

What older people offer is a new angle and direction to design. They say that fashion always comes around again every 15 years and who better to adapt to those trends are those who have been there themselves. The mature person also has the ability to learn new skills but also add previous skills which are a fantastic mix for creative and unique ideas. Obviously, you need to have a passion for design in the first place to allow you to take new things on board.

It’s always interesting to hear about each persons passion to be either a graphic designer, fashion designer or textile designer when they were younger but ended up choosing a totally different career and then later in life regretting it.

Research shows that young people learn faster and older people use the information better. They tend to question more which helps them take more on board and focus on the important areas. Older people do tend to be a lot better visually too which helps with the important attention to detail and balance in design. So, if you are looking at doing what you wanted to do when you were younger and to become a designer, what are you waiting for!