Diploma Specialist Course Level 4

Visual Communication is something every serious Graphic Designer should venture into if they want to become creative and unique with their designs.

This Visual Communication Course has been designed to give the ultimate and dynamic graphic design and creative development tools to our students. Like all of our courses, this is a flexible or Timetabled course, whichever suits each student



You will be given an assessment at the start of this course to establish your abilities and skill levels.

Visual Communications covers everything you will ever need in graphic design. This course will provide the essential and most useful tools in the industry. You will not just learn the extensive attributes of graphic design, but you will also learn many techniques, how to develop your creative thinking skills and obtain the ability to come up with unique design.

A very serious course and one of our most popular courses.

There are 6 modules in this course to be completed. Each module has been designed as progressive steps so that you are learning by doing. You will be presented with Projects and Assignments in each module in which you will be assessed, plus a final exam which is carried online through our eCampus.


  • MODULE ONE: Design for Communication
    In this first module you are going to look at and understand all about what visual communication is and how it works before putting everything into practice. You will also learn about additional elements which will extend the skills you already have as a graphic designer.
  • MODULE TWO: Creative Thinking and the Design Process Level 4
    One of the most important modules in thisDiploma Course. Being able to develop your own design process that works will become very valuable to you. In this module you will work very closely with your Design & Training Coach on a number of projects and shown how to develop this unique design process and what you will need to include so that it works for you.
  • MODULE THREE: Page Layout & Design
    As a graphic designer you should already know about the basics of page layout, but here you will take this to another level by breaking some of the rules. You will be encouraged to experiment with other techniques to create impact and creative styles which will become your very own.
  • MODULE FOUR: Common Design Jobs
    Taking what you have leant in Module 1, 2 and 3, you are now going to approach some of the common design jobs designers are faced with on a day to day basis, but this time you are going to look at these from the visual communication spectrum. Now your skills and imagination will be stretched to its limits.
  • MODULE FIVE: Corporate Identity
    You have more than likely worked on a number of Corporate ID project in the past. But here we will work on a number of projects which will provide more meaning and reason into designing an effective Corporate ID design which will stand out alongside your clients completion.
  • MODULE SIX: Branding
    What is Branding Design? This module is a complete course in itself and will build your confidence in understanding, designing, developing and delivering branding designs. Throughout this module you will work with your Design & Training Coach on research techniques and live projects.

It is important that you have good knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite. In partucular Illustrator and PhotoShop. Ideally, you will have trained in Graphic Design and understand the basics of design elements and print production. If you are unsure and would like to discuss entry requirements in full detail, please contact us directly.


All of our Specialist level 4 Course Fees are £650 each course.

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