Helena starts new career in graphic design



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My journey started at college where I did an NVQ in Art & Design, I wanted to study Graphic Design but didn’t get the results I needed, and because of this, my path took a different root. 

Now I am 40 years old and didn’t think I could start a career in Graphic design, I am located in the Bristol area.

I tried to use some of my college skills to help my husband’s business. As a housewife, I had time to learn and self-taught myself how to use Adobe programs and web design.

Unfortunately, this didn’t work out no fault of mine but I was left with all these new skills.

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My Journey to becoming a Graphic Designer

I found myself wanting to learn more and really enjoyed it, I made the discussion to get qualifications so I could go back to work full-time.

Working in a full-time job that paid for me to study for my dream job and found Creative Design School which offers courses online for graphic design. I hope from these courses to take a degree so I can apply for a permanent position in design.

The online course from Creative Design School really appealed to me because I could talk face-to-face with my tutor, just like being at college. Skype sessions are very useful and so are student examples.

Now I decided to take Advanced Level 3, this course was a more advanced course and realised I had jumped the basics my tutor offered for me to take a low course, but I was set to do well, this just meant a little extra studying and my tutor really helped guide me. I would recommend these courses.

I have achieved 100% in all my Modules so far and my tutor is an inspiration. The courses are very easy to understand and my questions or worries are answered quickly.

Now I am hoping to go on to be a very successful Graphic Design.

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Helena has now complete her Advanced Graphic Design Level 3 Diploma Course successfully and is now studying our Visual Communication Level 4 Diploma Course.

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