Professional Level 5 Diploma Course


This Professional Level Course in Creative Thinking and Process Development Techniques is designed to help you achieve professional and unique results.

Focused towards those who have already studied or trained in design, this course is valuable to professionals in the creative industries and those who are studying at university or in a creative environment which is demanding.

So what are you waiting for!


It is a multi-faceted ecosystem of experiences that communicates a promise to your customer. It takes time, patience and vision to build. Building brands and corporate ID for clients is a skill in itself. This diploma course is a valuable asset on its own as it covers every area involved in planning, researching, designing and developing brand logos and corporate identities.

Partnered with the Visual Communication Diploma Course would provide skills to set you apart from other designers in the creative industries.

There are 5 modules in this course to be completed. Each module has been designed as progressive steps so that you are learning by doing. You will be presented with Projects and Assignments in each module in which you will be assessed, plus a final exam which is carried online through our eCampus.


  • MODULE ONE: Introduction
    We will start by looking at why creative thinking and having a process is so that you can get focused for the duration of this course, plus cover the basic areas we are going to cover in the following modules
  • MODULE TWO: How to Define Problems
    Understanding what it is you are wanting to solve is the first part of your creative thinking journey. Here we will look at a variety of techniques to help you get off that blank page and the empty thoughts in your head.
  • MODULE THREE: How to Get Ideas
    Ideas that work don’t just appear in front of us or just pop into our heads. You need a way of finding ideas, and that is what this module is all about. Clever and useful techniques to help you build your effective process.
  • MODULE FOUR: How to Create Form
    We are going to show you how to build key resources for this part of the course. During this part of the course you will build up valuable tools to help you achieve the creativity and structure needed to complete your process.
  • MODULE FIVE: How Designers Think
    Creating the right environment and evaluating what you have done as a designer is just as important as coming up with the solutions and ideas themselves.

This course also includes Projects and Case Studies which will help you to focus on getting results.


It is important that you have good knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite. In partucular Illustrator and PhotoShop. Ideally, you will have trained in Graphic Design and understand the basics of design elements and print production. If you are unsure and would like to discuss entry requirements in full detail, please contact us directly.

Professional Level 5 Course Fee: £750

All of our Professional level Course Fees are £750 each course

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