During this period of uncertainty, we are all having to look at ways in which we can cope with changes in the business and working environment. Skills and knowledge in key areas are important for survival and evolving what we do and how we do it when changes are upon us. 

We have helped hundreds of individuals, businesses, and organisations with training individuals in areas of Graphic Design, Visual Communication, Creative Thinking, Writing for the Media, and many more key skills for your business in-house support.

All of our courses focus on businesses and organisations and the skills they need to grow and survive. It is all about providing the right balance to skills development along with the everyday work commitments of their employees at all levels. We also have fixed-term course options available, but we have seen more success with our tailored flexible options for employees.

Our working environment has gone through some real changes this past year and is likely to continue to change well into the future. More people are working from home and services which have been provided by external companies are now becoming difficult to handle. The option of bringing some skills in-house is becoming better options and can even be more cost-effective. 

Being able to help yourself or your employees obtain additional skills, along with usual day to day work commitments can be a bit tricky. That is why we work with you to create a flexible but focused timetable for studies, online one to one training sessions, and support. Each course has a structured module system in which an individual will work with there own one-to-one tutor/design coach, and will develop a timetable to suit their working environment and commitments.

Our Graphic Design Courses are designed to provide the right skills for those who are or will be developing and designing any communication for your business or organisation in-house. These courses start at a beginner’s level through to our advanced level.

If yourself or an employee already has graphic design knowledge but would like to develop a professional level or specialist level skill to support further in-house services, we offer a wide range of courses suitable for these, which are:

Visual Communication Level 4
Brand & Corporate Identity Design Level 4
Advertising Design Level 4
Packaging Design Level 4
Website Design & Management Level 4
Creative Thinking and Process Techniques Level 5 

We also have a Business School Section which provides training for several areas including the following: 

Social Media Management
Search Engine Optimisation
Online Marketing & Content Marketing
Brand Development
Online Creative Team Building
Writing for the Media
Creative Writing 

If you are thinking about developing in-house services and would like to know more about our training course programmes, please contact us to discuss in detail by emailing us at admin@creativedesignschool.com