Diploma Course Specialist Level 4

Master the art of Brand and Corporate ID Design with this specialist course.

This course has been designed to help graphic designers achieve the very best in coming up with effective, creative brand designs and logo designs. You will be taken through this course step by step, looking at the world around you and how to capture inspiration aimed at developing your own unique approach to coming up with effective solutions for your clients or projects.

So what are you waiting for!


It is a multi-faceted ecosystem of experiences that communicates a promise to your customer. It takes time, patience and vision to build. Building brands and corporate ID for clients is a skill in itself. This diploma course is a valuable asset on its own as it covers every area involved in planning, researching, designing and developing brand logos and corporate identities.

Partnered with the Visual Communication Diploma Course would provide skills to set you apart from other designers in the creative industries.

There are 7 modules in this course to be completed. Each module has been designed as progressive steps so that you are learning by doing. You will be presented with Projects and Assignments in each module in which you will be assessed, plus a final exam which is carried online through our ecampus.

    MODULE ONE: What is Corporate ID & Brand Designs

    This is an introduction Module on the history, role, progression and importance of branding and corporate identity.

    MODULE TWO: Research into Brands, Global Branding and Corporate Identity

    This is a research module, looking into brand and corporate ID case studies. Students will be given a number of assignments and projects to complete throughout this module.

    MODULE THREE: The Creative Planning Process

    Now you will look at ways of how to find inspiration and how to develop your ideas for this project. You will also be shown the basics of what you will need to consider when coming up with your ideas. Again you will work with your design & training coach on how to do this.

    MODULE FOUR: Applying a Brand and Corporate ID

    Following on from module three, we are now going to use the project you have designed and developed and apply it correctly to the main areas it should be. Working with your course tutor/design coach you will establish where a brand and corporate ID should be used and how.

    MODULE FIVE: Branding and Corporate ID Opportunities

    Identifying effective opportunities for a brand and corporate identity can be positioned and effective is another area that should never be ignored when designing identities. The importance of positing correctly will also be looked at in this module.

    MODULE SIX: Making a Brand and Corporate ID stand out

    This is what Brand and Corporate ID is all about. Being seen and being remembered. Here we will look at how your design needs to stand out and where it can make a benefit your client.

    MODULE SEVEN: Alternative Brands and Corporate ID

    This is a research module, looking into brand and corporate ID case studies. Students will be given a number of assignments and projects to complete throughout this module.



    START DATE: Start Anytime

    DURATION: 6-12 months (flexible)

    COURSE FEE: £650

    Once your course application has been accepted, we will contact you to let you know and then give you instruction on how to make your full course payment which you will need to pay before enrolment can be completed.

    Susan Samuels - Bristol, UK

    I thought I fully understood everything about design a brand identity, logo and corporate stationery, but I was wrong. There are so many things to consider and this course provided me with everything I needed to know. I feel so confident now and my employer is also happy with the results.

    Tobias Meyer - Dusseldorf, Germany

    This Brand and Corporate ID Design specilaist course has helped me a lot. This was a weak area for me as a digital designer. I build websites and I am ofetn asked to design brand identity logos which was not a strong point for me. With the amazing help from my course tutor I now can come up with creative designs for my clients.

    Enzo Conti - Bergamo, Italy

    The Creative Design School really knows its stuff. Fantastic tutor and very good support throughout this course. I run my own agency in northern Italy and I needed to expand my skills to help my clients more. This course has now heled me to achieve this and more.