Over the past few months, we have been receiving a lot of applications for individuals applying to come onto our courses from other online course providers due to them not being happy with the course they signed up for with them.

Some of the most common complaints about their previous course providers have been the lack of real human support and assistance with their studies along with the study material. It seems that most of those online course providers have an automated generic study process which only involves static slides or generic videos for them to watch. There is no human element in which students can interact with their course tutor regularly or at all in most cases.

Studying in your own time.

Online courses may sound attractive with the freedom they give you in some cases. You may work full-time or have children to look after, so the option of being able to study online with some flexibility may sound like the best option should you be looking to start a new career or to add skills or qualifications to the career you are working through just now. But, it is not as simple as signing up to one of the many schools or so-called online colleges which have magically popped up over the past few years.

It is even shocking to see that a lot of these newly formed online course providers advertise that they are supported or credited by well-known universities or colleges.

Our school was one of the very first online design schools offering the same learning experience as those attending college or university with real people and real support, which we have continued to provide and will always provide.

One-to-one attention

Being able to work on a one-to-one basis with your course tutor throughout your course is so valuable and necessary, especially if you are wanting to achieve your goals. It is sad to see other online course providers producing generic videos and an online portal which you have to work through on your own. You need regular interaction and feedback, plus support in areas you are finding it difficult to understand. You need that one-to-one continuous approach.

Learning alone is not learning.

One of the many students who moved over to our school described it as if she was teaching herself and was given results or grades on her work by a computer-generated process. ’All I was given was generic videos to watch one after the other, but when I wanted to ask questions on specific areas I was finding difficult to understand there was nobody to assist.

Before you decide to sign up for an online course, think carefully about what it is you need and the areas you know you will need support with.

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