Writing for the Media – an Introduction Short Course

Here’s your opportunity to gain confidence and write compelling material for the media.

Right from the start of this course you will be completely involved in the process of becoming a better writer and understanding how to write for the media.  We’ll be with you every step of the way and, together, we’ll address everything you need to know. We will work on building on your weak areas and extending your strong areas by introducing you to a number of real life projects and assignments which will build your skills, knowledge and creativity.


Take that step to changing your career!


There are 4 modules in this course to be completed, plus a final exam which is carried online through our eCampus..


  • Module 1: Writing right
    What’s important is to express yourself honestly, with a message strategy that resonates with your target audiences.  In this module, we start with some basic rules and conventions.
  • Module 2: Storytelling
    To get your message across, you have to tell a compelling story, and aim your messages at the right people.
  • Module 3: Context, truth & ethics
    Everything you write needs context and contain only verifiable facts.
  • Module 4: Writing a feature article 
    Many of the same rules apply to writing feature articles, although there are differences.

 The only entry requirements needed for our Short Courses is that you have access to the software related to each individual course. These will be the Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Word or Apple Pages.