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Diploma Course Specialist Level 4

Designing a website has become an essential part of being a Graphic Designer, plus running a business. In this course you will learn all the essential skills and knowledge required when designing a website.

Everything you need to become an effective website designer is included in this course. Right from the beginning you will work with your very own one-to-one Professional Course Tutor/Design Coach to develop your skills, knowledge and creativity.


Websites are the shop front for any business, company, organisation or service and it is an essential part of our everyday life now.

Being able to plan, create and design an effective website takes a lot of skill and knowledge which a lot of graphic designers have either dabbled in or know nothing about. Some may think that the look of a website is the most important, but it is a lot deeper than that. It is important that you fully understand all the areas of website design and how they are used by your potential customers, clients and audiences. You will also need to get your head around UX and being responsive etc.

In this course you will cover all of the attributes involved in designing successful websites. You will work with you own one-to-one professional course tutor/design coach throughout the course, learning a lot of new and relevant skills. There are a number of projects to carry out alongside your course studies and training. By the end of the course you will be full of confidence in the areas of website design and can even build specialist areas in this field too.

There are 6 modules in this course to be completed. Each module has been designed as progressive steps so that you are learning by doing. They have each been arranged in a way so that they can be completed in one to two months depending on the time you have available to study each week. The course can be flexible or completed in a fixed time, but many prefer the flexible option to accommodate around their employment or other commitments.

You will be presented with Projects and Assignments in each module in which you will be assessed, plus a final exam which is carried online through our online campus.

You will be given an assessment at the start of this course to establish your abilities and skill levels.

  • The full cost of this course is £650 with no extra costs
  • 25% off your next course for as long as you are studying with us
  • You will be given your own professional one-to-one tutor/design coach
  • Learn by doing and build a creative portfolio
  • You will receive on successful completion a recognised diploma certificate for this level
  • Become part of our creative community
  • All study material will be made available to you on our online campus
  • Your course can be either flexible or a fixed time
  • Customise your studies around your work or other commitments
  • Apply for a NUS Totum Professional Student Card for discounts etc
  • Full Career Guidance


This course is suitable for those already working as a graphic designer or those within marketing departments who want to introduce website design to their in-house services. This is also a great course for freelance graphic designers etc.

If you are not sure and would like further guidance on this course, please click on the ‘Guidance’ button at the bottom of this page and we will help you making your decision. We have had a variety of people enrolling onto this course either as an individual or through their employment with their employer financing their course here at our school. 

Suitable for:

  • Graphic Designers who want to be able to design and build websites.
  • Freelance Graphic Designers who want to not only design and build their own website, but also add to their client base and services they are offering.
  • Employers who wish to increase the skills of their staff in this area.
  • Graphic Designers who want to add UX Design to their skills and knowledge.
  • Businesses with in-house designers or marketing departments.
  • Organisation who want to be able to design and manage their own websites.


What you will Learn

Don’t panic as we know that the sound of studying website design could make you feel overwhelmed. Not with this course as you will be in good hands with our professional website design tutors/design coaches. You will go through progressive steps learning at a pace which suits you so that you don’t miss anything. Everything is covered in this course including digital design which can also be applied to social media, online advertising, UX design and much much more. The steps are explained below in each module and gives you an outline to what is involved. This is a one-to-one course so it is all about you and your own learning abilities. Have a look at the modules below and if you have any questions just go to the ‘Guidance’ button at the bottom of the page to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

MODULE ONE: Introduction to Website Design

You will begin your course by looking at website design and what it involves. Here you will walk through the different processes with your one-to-one course tutor/design coach, plus look at different types of website design and how these work.

MODULE TWO: Planning your design - The Creative Process

Before starting any type of Design Project you must put in place a planning process plus effective ways on how to come up with uniques design layouts etc. In this module, you will be given a project to carry out with your course tutor/design coach so that you can build your process in planning and creativity. We will touch on UX design a little in this module but we will go into more detail with this in the next module.

MODULE THREE: Understanding Website Specifications

Now it is time for you to get your head around all of the specifics to what is involved in designing a website. There are a lot of important areas you must understand before designing a website including the available software, types of web development and technical requirements. Other areas involved will be UX design and responsive design.

MODULE FOUR: Working with Images and Text

Following on from the project you have been presented within Module 2, you will now look at the important areas of how to start preparing your images and text for a website. Here you will be using specific editing software like Photoshop and Illustrator for which you will be provided with tuition.

MODULE FIVE: Building your Website

We are now going to work through another project with you which will involve bringing together what you have learned so far and how to start building a website project. You will find this module exciting as you will now be at the stage where you will start to see your skills develop and expand.

MODULE SIX: Understanding & Working with Software

In this final module, we will investigate the available software out there which you will be able to use for building your websites. Plus, many other essentials like Search Engine Optimisation etc.

Once you have completed all of your modules you will the complete a final exam which will be project based. This is carried out online through our online campus. You will decide with your course tutor/design coach when you will want to do this.


START DATE: Start Anytime

DURATION: 6-12 months (flexible)


You have the option to pay for this course in 2 monthly payments. Please download our course application form below for details (subject to terms & conditions)

Once your course application has been accepted, we will contact you to let you know and then give you instruction on how to make your full course payment which you will need to pay before enrolment can be completed.


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