Graphic Design confidence & knowledge for Sahana



Hello, I’m Sahana and I currently live in a beautiful city Salem also called as “Mango City” – surrounded by hills on all sides in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

I was born and raised in Bengaluru. As a child, I always experienced awe and inspiration through art. I started drawing when i was in 2nd grade. Even 30 mins of finger painting, sketching flowers /animals on papers or doodling with pastel crayons on the wall reflected-my passion as a young artist and my parents always supported and loved what I did. This encouragement helped me to follow my passion for art and to continue art exploration and was rewarded with more than 50 trophies, medals, certificates in school culturals, art , design competitions.

The very moment that my interest in art peaked was –

  1. When my 6’x 6’ Radha Krishna Rangoli was photographed and published in 6 newspa-pers during my 10th grade.
  2. For the first time when i exhibited and sold my paintings in “Chitrakala Parishat Art Exhi-bition” during my college days.
  3. When i received “The Da Vinci Award” – Bronze and Silver in the “Interior Design Show-case 2014.”
  4. When i was awarded 2nd Prize under “Commercial Design” category in the “Society Interiors Design Competition And Awards 2015”

Art was not only a passion for me but also a talent that has molded my aesthetic character ever since my earliest childhood memories and thus became my intended career path as I grew up. Given my passion and commitment, I feel fortunate to have discovered my keen interest in art at a young age and now I am able to explore art in different fields – I graduated from Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru with a “B.Sc. Interior Design Management Degree” and had a 6 year long gap figuring out what to do and how to do. Now started studying with the CDS and that was the best decision of my life.This april, I was awarded 100% GRADE in “Graphic Design for Beginners Diploma” from the CDS is the most valuable asset for my career.

My goal was always to become a famous but elusive designer. Starting from basic art class-es, I have pursued different types of Art and Design courses for 15+ years. But at some point I lacked knowledge and confidence to start a career as a designer.

Studying with the CDS was an eye opener for me as a designer.The modules are very brief and includes up-to-the-minute content. Module 4 – Pre press was the topic that interested me the most . I literally learnt the “start to end process of design” – detailing , recreating, finish-ing and how the design actually works!

When i first enrolled with the CDS, I was very thrilled to start my course but at the same time I was unsure, whether this was the right school/ right course for me at this point of time in my life. But now after finishing my Graphic Design Diploma Level 1, indisputably I can tell “The CDS” is incredible with exclusive modules easily accessible assisted by experi-enced tutors at your convenience.

My tutor Pete Sturgess was very inspiring and supportive.Career wise my tutor helped me form a new perspective. I launched my startup “Ayraa’s Designs” this year showcasing my creative & artistic yet original designs.

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Completing this course with the CDS helped me mold myself into a more professional individual. The CDS courses are surely worth the investment of time and money. Can’t wait to finish Graphic Design Diploma Level-2 & Advanced Level-3 and take a big step forward to join Specialist & Professional Course – Packaging Design Diploma Level 4 !

Overall studying with the CDS has given me a new confidence as a designer and now I have been nominated in “TNSA – Tamil Nadu Startup Awards” under the category “Design & Printing” with my startup “Ayraa’s Designs”


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