Antonio Esposito masters his creative process



Hello, Antonio here…I have received my “Advanced Graphic Design Diploma” with the CDS last June and today I am very proud to say that the year I have spent studying with the CDS was one of the most productive and creative periods of my life.

I have joined the school with already many years of experience under my belt in the web and graphic design field but I was aware on the fact that I had several gaps and limitations in my skills that I really needed to fill in order to more forward in my career.

Studying with CDS gave me the possibility to absorb information at my own pace and at the same time handle a full type job and several freelance projects and to me this was very helpful because I was able to immediately apply all the new knowledge learned in the real world with real clients.

Since I have finished the diploma I have dramatically improved my design process. From the meeting with the client to the final delivery I have an exact structure to follow that I had not before.

I feel more confident to present my ideas and for sure the CDS helped me to be more creative and even in corporate environment to think outside the box and be able to please even challenging clients.

The diploma definitely helped me to be more effective in my daily job, faster in the design process and more creative.
I have also dramatically improved my portfolio and the relationship with my freelance clients.

During the study the support from the tutor was absolutely priceless, I received many advice and insights from expert point of view that sometime is hard to find in books or online, so my advice to all the current student is to make most profit from the tutors feedback is what will make the difference at the end of your studies.

I really believe that doesn’t matter what is your level of expertise in the graphic design field at the moment, being certified with the CDS will only give you huge benefits in terms of professional and financial goals.

There is always something new to learn and the CDS give you the best tools and support available today.

I am very satisfied with how everything changed since I have finished my diploma at the CDS.

I am planning in the next few months to move another big step forward joining the “Creative Director Professional MBA Course”.


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