Marketing Diploma Course

Professional Level Course

Become a Marketing Professional who can achieve the very best in Strategic, Planning, Social, Digital and Media Marketing

Our New Marketing Diploma Course is a must for anyone who intents to succeed in the modern marketing environment. Being a Marketeer in todays environment involves much more than developing an effective marketing plan and strategy. It also involves being able to fully understand and implement Social Media, Website SEO, Digital. Print, PR Campaigns and Strategies. This course covers all of these areas plus a lot more, so that you are fully knowledgable, skilled, up to date to be a Professional Marketeer.

So what are you waiting for!


There are 6 modules in this course to be completed, plus a final exam which is carried online through our eCampus.

MODULE ONE: Understanding Marketing and Marketing Communications
The first module in this course looks at the Marketing and its functions in detail so that you will get a full understanding of what is involved and what you need to achieve. We look at both the traditional marketing methods and also the online methods within this module.

MODULE TWO: Strategies & Plans
Understand how to research, develop and deliver an effective Marketing Strategy is essential for any Professional Marketeer. This module covered every area in which you need to fully understand to achieve a winning strategy in today’s economic climate.

MODULE THREE: Social Media, PR and Digital Strategies
Areas which have puzzled many marketeers and which have now become everyday roles for marketeers now. This module goes deep inside the creation, development and success of digital marketing. Once you have completed this module, you will fully understand how to keep on top of your Social Media and online PR strategies.

How can you get your company or business ranking above your competition, and how can people find you on the internet? You will learn exactly what is involved as we cover SEO tasks, requirements and mistakes. You will also look at Google Ads, Google Analytics plus other SEO services which will benefit your marketing strategy and how they work.

MODULE FIVE: Creating, Implementing your Marketing Strategy
This module will be all about you working on a main project of developing your own Marketing Strategy and how to carry out the correct research, analysing the data and information you have gathered. The next stage will be to build your Marketing Strategy and Plan using everything that you have covered in detail throughout your course to this stage.

MODULE SIX: Measuring your Marketing Strategy and how to continue the success.
There is no point in having a Marketing Strategy if you don’t know what worked and what didn’t! This final module will take you through every route available which will help you to understand and apply systems which will identify what works, what needs improved and to keep the success running.


The industry standard software for this course is the Adobe Creative Suite. Any version will be acceptable for this course, but Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign will be required. You can also subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud as a Student which will entitle you to a very good discount in which you can pay monthly. This way you will have access to all of the latest software and all the updates. Other software is acceptable for this course.

Dedication to this course depends on the time you have available. There are 2 option available for studying this course; Fixed Term Course in which you would complete your course in 6 months, or Flexible Study in which you can study at your own pace.

Study Material:
Study material will be supplied, but we will also list a variety of additional study books etc which you can purchase if you wish.

It is important that you have access to the Internet so you can access your course through our eCampus, plus Skype would also be an advantage for live lessons.

Knowledge & Skills:
This course can be for beginners and no prior knowledge or experience required to study this course.

Your Attributes:
An ability to be self motivated, an eye for design and open to new ideas.

Entry Qualifications:
None required for this course, but you must be able to communicate, read and write in English.

Qualification Awarded:
On successful completion of this course plus completing the final exam, you will be awarded a Diploma Certificate in Marketing Level 4.

Progression Options:
Once you have completed this course successfully, you will be able to progress onto the one of our other Specialist Courses or a Degree Course depending on your final results.

You will also be giving full support and individual training on using the related Adobe Creative Suite software throughout this course. Every module n this course has a live project to carry out, and we will use these projects to help develop and improve your software skills. Live training is provided on a one to one basis using Skype, plus individual video support.

Professional Level 5 Course Fee: £750

All of our Professional level Course Fees are £750 each course

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