advertising design diploma course level 4


Diploma Course Specialist Level 4

Here’s your opportunity to achieve that passion you have to become an Advertising Designer.

Our Advertising Design Diploma Course has been designed to give you all the tools, skills and knowledge you need to create an effective advertising campaign. Throughout this course you will be presented with a number of Projects from your appointed 1to1 Design & Training Coach which will not only develop your skills and creativity, but will also be included in your Portfolio which you will have produced at the end of the course. You will be given 100% support throughout the duration of this course. Here’s your chance to become a unique and creative advertising designer.

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There are 9 modules in this course to be completed, plus a final exam which is carried online through our ecampus.


    What you will Learn

    MODULE ONE: Understanding Advertising

    The first module in this course looks at the Advertising Industry so that you will get a full understanding of what is involved and what you need to achieve.

    MODULE TWO: Types of Advertising

    Understand what types of Advertising which is available out there will help you to establish the different procedures and specifications for each of these. You will be given a number of Projects to carry out from your Design & Training Coach, who will work with you on these.

    MODULE THREE: Working with Clients

    Knowing how to work with your clients will help you to create the advertising campaign they are looking for. You will look at how to develop a client brief and the best communication process you should be taking with them.

    MODULE FOUR: Visual Communication

    Being able to communicate effectively and quickly is essential. This module will present you with real-life projects on the best ways of doing this and the areas involved.

    MODULE FIVE: The Creative Process

    It is very important to be able to develop an effective Creative Thinking process so that you are able to rise to the challenge of dynamic, solution-seeking and unique design ideas, development and delivery. Working closely with your Design and Training coach, you will go through process techniques by carrying out a number of real-life projects.

    MODULE SIX: Getting the Message Across

    Now you are going to look at the impact of words, how they should be applied, the style and format of Typography, and the order of importance. This module will be carried out with projects from your Design & Training Coach.

    MODULE SEVEN: Designing the Advert

    It’s time to put to practice what you have learned so far. Again you will be given a number of projects from your Design & Training Coach to demonstrate your progress and to build on any of your weak areas.

    MODULE EIGHT: Producing the Advert

    You are going to plan and produce project-based adverts in this module – each one will look at the order of importance, the impact and avoid mistake making and disasters.

    MODULE NINE: Did it Work?

    How are you going to find out if you’re advert work and what methods are there available for doing this? You will be given detailed guidance on how this is done following the design and development of a couple of projects.


    START DATE: Start Anytime

    DURATION: 6-12 months (flexible)

    COURSE FEE: £650

    Pay for this course below once your course application has been accepted

    Andrew Wilson - Aberdeen, Scotland

    “I already work for an agency in Aberdeen as a graphic designer and wanted to advance my skills in Advertising Design. This course has not only provided with the tools to come up with unique designs but it has enhanced my portfolio immensely. I would highly recommend the Creative Design School for any designer who wants to succeed in the creative industries.”

    Diana Montgomery - Leeds, UK

    “Right from the start of this course I felt part of a creative environment. It made me feel confident about learning again. The course tutor was amazing and was able to help me with all of my weak areas and how to focus on coming up with concepte that work. I was a bit apprehensive about erolling here, but I am so happy I did. I not only have a new specialist diploma but also a very creative portfolio which is more important to me now.”