£150 off our Main Diploma Courses and £50 off our Short Courses until the 31 AUGUST 2021 – Limited places available


Being a designer involves a lot of creativity if you are wanting to succeed. Yes, being good at what you do and having the skills and knowledge in all areas involved in what you do is essential. But, a lot miss that creative edge. The point of uniqueness and being able to make what you do stand our from all of the rest. That is a very important attribute for being successful in your career, otherwise what makes what you do any different from anyone else.

Finding that creativity is a complete skill in itself. No matter if you are designing a brand identity, writing a blog, beginning a novel or developing a complete advertising campaigWhen was the last time you came up with an idea while you were washing the dishes you thought was brilliant even though it was not relevant to the target audience and it was just because you liked the idea? Also, how many times have you been given a project to do and really struggled coming up with an idea at all?

Creativity can just come to us out of the blue but mostly creativity needs as structure, it needs organisation and review. And that is why we believe this is a very important factor in become a successful designer, writer etc. This is why we include creative thinking and processes into most of our courses. It is our aim to help you to be different, to stand out and become a demand for clients, employers and the creative industries.


As an incentive and to help you get started, we are offering £150 off a number of our main Diploma Courses plus £50 off some of our Short Courses.

Now you can not only learn something new or add to the skills you have, but also gain that creative edge that you will need to succeed and stand out from everyone else.

This offer ends on 31 August 2021, so hurry and get your application form emailed to us now – limited places available!

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