There is a lot of talk about which trends will be leading the way for designers in 2020. But, are we influenced by trends as real creative designers or should we be the trendsetters? Facebook have themselves gone through a change with their brand identity which looks like it has been forced to do with the trend styles ahead. Minimalistic and clean lines which are now the new Facebook logotype style of their logo and others seem to be following that style too. However, if we are all to follow this style would that not make everything look the same and crush creativity completely.

Some of the main trends being talked about for 2020 are, (although I am sure there will be more):

Vibrant Color Palets
Are neutral colours being ignored and losing its influence? The word out there is that vibrant colours are king for 2020 making everything stand out, pop and fun. It will be interesting to see how this works throughout this year s this was a big thing in the 1800s along with the cartoon and graphic novels. But how will this work with the fashion and textile industry for this year? Let’s keep our eye on these!

I have seen an emergence of metallics being used for printed towards the end of 2019. A lot of print companies are making these easier to use and available at a lower cost than they use to be. Gold and Silver foils are very popular now and add not only a bit of class to some designs but also helps certain messages or words stand out particularly well.

Line Art
Simplified illustration styles with clean and classy could be another big trend in 2020. Again, I have seen this being used towards the end of 2019 although I am sure it has been used many times before. Clean and minimal use of detail is something that is used a lot in UX design for apps and now moving into websites and even printed media. I don’t think this will appeal to everyone but let’s see!

We already talked about how Facebook has gone for the minimal clean look with their new logotype. Instagram took this approach to there UX design and Product design for their app. However is this something we should be thinking about with all design methods? Textile design could make good use of this and Website design would be another strong possibility, but what about printed and digital documents, etc? Keep a good eye on these as this could set the way things will go in 2021 onwards.

There was a point when the use of realism was a no go area for designers and illustrators as the whole point was to create a style that complimented realism and now copied it. Technology has now changed this by introducing easier and clever software to allow 3D design. This has been growing slowly over the past couple of years and now we are about to see a big shift towards this style of designing throughout the creative industries.

Hand lettering
With the use of the iPad Pro becoming more popular with designers an area that is starting to grow more and more is hand lettering. Even a few of our Graphic Design student has included this in some of their design work the past couple of months with excellent results. Top Illustrator and Letterer Jessica Hische have helped a lot to make hand lettering very popular with illustrator and designers along with the boom in book publishing and cover designs. Not sure if this will a huge trend throughout 2020 but it does give the design styles something extra to look at.

At the Creative Design School, we like to help our students to become individual, unique and creative along with being aware of styles, trends, and influences brought forward by technology and processes. Keeping an eye on what is happening in the creative industries is something we encourage but our main aim is creativity and uniqueness so that opportunities are always available for our students.